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the LHS TV/Photo Classroom!



This website is designed to help those interested in Audio/Visual Technology and in learning how to produce a multitude of video productions as well as those interested in digital photography.

The links to the throughout this website should be used to aid in your learning, as well as the formation of news stories for a news show, other film and TV media, as well as digital photography  

For information regarding homework/classwork assignments, please visit the Homework/Classwork tab. The work for your specific class will be indicated at the top of each assignment.  You can also find your specific class by choosing your class from the drop down menu under “Categories”.

When emailing any homework assignment to me, please include your name, the homework assignment, your class period and the word “homework” in the subject line. Email to ckutsup@ltps.info In addition, if you do not receive a response from me after your homework has been sent via email, I did not receive it. You will receive an “Ok” if I did.

If you have any questions regarding this website, please submit a question to Ms. Carly Kutsup at
ckutsup@ltps.info with “Website” in the subject line.